Misty Stone

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Age: 24
Height: 5'4"
Birthday: 3/26
Birthplace: UCLA Medical Center Cali
Ethnicity: Black
Marital Status: Single
Measurements: 32A-24-35
Stats info was collected on 2018-02-05

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Answer: I felt amazing because after all the work I put in for a year I have and award for it!
Answer: Being a lead for the first time my name being first on a Hustler box and working with a Director that brought out the natural born talent that I am. He pushed me and got me to a whole other level that has lead me to try new limits.
Answer: Oh yes, white guys like to fuck a little faster. Black guys are more gentle and sensual. I think they know they have to because they know they can hurt you so they ease it in and romance the pussy and their cocks are soooo big.
Answer: I fucked roughly 30 guys before I got into the porn industry. Now I have lost count I just say over 400 and stick to that. Lol.
Answer: I was about 7 when I first started masturbating preferably with my large stuffed Lion. When I’m playing with myself I usually think about being taken advantage of with no escape.
Answer: I have one night stands but I can count them on one hand. I have thoughts in the future of totally being a swinger. I host a bunch of Swinger parties. Before I can swing or be a swinger I think I need to find a husband first.
Answer: Lips, mouths they're really sexual and yum yum.
Answer: It doesn’t really excite me to have guys cumming inside of me. I think everybody dirty. I don’t really want no man in the habit of cumming inside of me. Now doesn’t mean I won’t do it just means don’t think your gonna be doing it all the time.
Answer: I do not like anal. Tried it a couple times doesn’t fancy me. I will stick to keeping that hole my exit hole.
Answer: Bad breath, BO, uncleanly, unless your dirty in the sexual nasty way.
Answer: No I am not in a relationship right now. I’m single. When I did have a man he definitely enjoyed watching my movies shit still till this day. We used to watch them together.
Answer: Doggie laying on my stomach. The way the cock goes in is so deep.
Answer: Love sensual touching all of my body very seductive. If you wanna wake me up choke me or slap me. Just to wake me up not to hurt me.
Yes love kissing
Answer: 16 My childhood friend from elementary I made him wait 8 years my parents made me move to Nebraska and I had a rebellious pussy lol. So before I left I gave him the pussy.
Answer: 50/50 I have no fucking idea I've been in porn for over four years. HaHa
Answer: Yes all the time. We just got down last night to one of my movies.... OK
Answer: Prerequisite for dancing... and my cousin Sapphire Flames is in the business so I guess you would call it the family business.
Answer: Yes they don't condone it but they respect that I'm a woman making it on my own, I'm not asking for money. My mom is the best.
Answer: My favorite music is Reggae my feel good music. One of my favorite bands is Rebelution. I love the 90’s. Anything from the 90’s I’m diggin’. That is actually what I was playing on this hour and a half drive to work today. Last I gotta have my westcoast rap music like Devin The Dude, Pimp C, Scarface, DJ Quick and many more. I’m just full of life and enjoy good music. My favorite foods are gumbo, homemade tacos, spaghetti, jambalaya, and Banana Pudding. As far as hobbies I enjoy spending time with my pup wether at the dog park, dog beach, or just playing with her at home. She is my world her name is Monkey Poo. I am very 420 friendly and it is legal where I live so I definitely indulge. I really like being in social places, riding my bike, and just spending time with my loved ones. What else could I ask for oh I love my tv. Total couch potato.
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date_range Jan 22
Views 77,295
Starring: Misty Stone, James Deen
Episode: 50:32 mins
BTS: 12:41 mins
348 Black Bitch Gets The Boot
Black Bitch Gets The Boot
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date_range Aug 20, 2010
Views 14,419
Episode: 45:37 mins, 328 pics
BTS: 08:11 mins, 98 pics
Solo: 09:04 mins, 109 pics

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