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Kelly Madison

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Age: 49
Height: 5'8"
Birthday: 8/26
Birthplace: Orange County
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Marital Status: Married
Measurements: 34FF-26-34
Stats info was collected on 2017-08-20

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Answer: I was born the 26th of August, 1967 in Newport Beach, California.
Answer: I didn’t enter the business of porn via the usual avenues of the time such as stripping nor did I ever want to be a model, mine is a strange chance of happenings and it actually took me a while to discover my chosen career as an adult entertainer 17 years ago. My profession of showing the world my bare breasts on the Internet didn’t begin until I was 33, an age when most women retire from such superciliousness. But not me, I found my voice, a way to express myself artistically and sexually for the first time in my life.

In 1999 I was busy taking care of my mother who was very ill with kidney failure and was holding down a full time job in outside sales for a commercial printing firm. I wasn’t very happy and felt trapped in a job that was going nowhere so I changed companies and took a position as VP of Sales at a small computer graphics firm. I was 33 at the time and in an 8 year relationship which wasn’t fulfilling either. Then I met Ryan, he was on my new staff as a graphic artist and was 9 years my junior and fresh out of college. Here was this young hot surfer with boundless amounts of energy and a positive outlook. He had just moved from his parents house and his new apartment just so happened to be right across the street from me. We instantly connected, fell in love and started making plans for our future.

We had both known people that had been making a very good living selling adult entertainment and we wanted to create erotic content and market it on the ever growing Internet. With virtually no experience or training creating web pages we jumped in with both feet. Neither Ryan or I were to be the talent, I was going to be the business manager and Ryan was going to handle the creation and maintenance of our websites. We rented an old warehouse built in the 1930’s which had potholes and mice and walls full of mold. We tore down walls, put in flooring, painted and decorated in order to shoot our content…all we needed now was the talent.

We put ads in the local paper but we did not get the results we were looking for. The girls that answered our ads were undependable and really not the kind of talent we needed in order to create our new business. Ryan turned to me and looked down at my natural large breasts and suggested I be a model. I was reluctant at first but then soon jumped on the idea and that is how began. We were using me as a sort of test model in the beginning to see if we could make our business model work. I did a solo girl site for while and then began to work with other female talent. From there Ryan joined in on the fun with me and and a few years later we created and later
Answer: I was a very happy child. I dreamed about being an actress when I was young but then fell in love with biology and literature so I didn’t know if I wanted to write or operate on people when I grew up. Not a very easy double major. Even though I was accepted at the universities I applied to, I couldn’t afford the tuition so I got a full time job, bought a car and attended a local junior college, all the while working towards finally attending UCLA after getting my associates degree. That is about the time when my world changed. My father developed Alzheimer’s and I became his caretaker. I don’t know if was the stress of my own father not recognizing me or me always striving to be perfect in school and at work, but I developed an eating disorder. It was a combination of anorexia and bulimia that soon after acquiring knew that I needed to get help and fast. I had gone from being a short, flat-chested skinny girl to growing these large breasts and gained 4 inches in height during my senior year and first year of college. I suddenly had this womanly body and didn’t quite know what to do with it. I reached out for help over and over again until I got the treatment I needed. My disease was a blessing because it opened my eyes to all kinds of ailments people suffer from and the psychological and spiritual problems that lead to addictions. The experience created a heighted awareness level that I build upon to this day. Being a nude model has also brought me great acceptance in what I look like and empowers me to love myself no matter what. I suppose you could call choosing nude modeling as a way of conquering my bad self esteem. Not the ordinary way to tackle a problem but I tend to tackle problems head on.
Answer: I love to go hiking with my husband and my dogs. I love the mountains and being in nature. It really calms my mind and spirit. I love to travel and do so at every opportunity. Luckily for me, travel also includes shooting a scene or two so the tax right off for travel isn’t a bad deal at all.
Answer: I tend to be mostly vegetarian but I love caviar, crab legs and every once in while a small filet mignon with a rich Cabernet really hits the spot. I cook every day and I enjoy making food for the one’s I love.
Answer: Like everyone I enjoy a watching a good though provoking movie, reading and learning new things and of course spending time with family. I like to meditate and walk my dogs for relaxation. I am politically involved and I am very much into preserving the environment.
Answer: Ryan and I have worked hard the past 17 years at making a name for our company, Kelly Madison Media. It is very rewarding to have a solid business with wonderful employees and fellow artists that are contributing to our growing company. I would like to see the expansion of our business and continue to promote a healthy outlook on sex and marriage.

Eventually I would like to be an old fat lady on a farm with tons of rescue dogs and adopt a few donkeys and tend to my garden. Until then, I love what I do.
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