Shae Celestine

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Shae Celestine

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Age: 20
Height: 5'4"
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Marital Status: Single
Measurements: 32B-24-34
Stats info was collected on 2018-05-04

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Answer: My favorite position is flat on my stomach and legs closed. It just tightens up my pussy a little bit more and the angle is perfect to get slammed in the g- spot or churned out like butter. I also really love pile driver because I like to make men work. ;)
Answer: I was 18 years old and it was with my ex boyfriend who was then my friends-with-benefits. We fucked in his bed while his parents were home and I finally got to feel what his dick felt like inside of me. I always thought he had a gorgeous cock because he had a circumcision scar and that cool dual-toned dick thing going on.
Answer: Before going to college, I had only slept with 3 guys. Once in college I got a boyfriend for the first semester so he made it 4 total and when we broke up I totally slutted out and couldn't keep track anymore. You could say I've definitely doubled my age in number of how many dicks I've sat on.
Answer: As soon as I could remember I was masturbating in some way. Day 1 pleasure addict. Now I get a lot of quality dick and wouldn't say I masturbate as much but I masturbate between 1-5 times a week still. If I hear or see something that turns me on in the slightest I'll probably wind up with something in a hole or humping a pillow or hard surface...
Answer: I have had one night stands and probably will have a lot more in the future. I like to have sex as much as I possible can but only really with people I have strong chemistry with. Sex with a random with no chemistry can be fun too but I love love.
Answer: I love when guys cum inside of me, I love to feel their cock pulse as the warm creamy fluids fill my pussy. I also just love to see the look on their face when they ask me where to cum and I beg them to do it inside of me.
Answer: I like butt play but I've never tried full-on anal with anyone. I would love to try it one day but I don't want to plan it and I want to be 100% ready and enthusiastic to try it when the time comes.
Answer: I'm not in a relationship currently but my heart is saved for someone, even if I'd try to give it to someone else it wouldn't work.
Answer: I got into porn because I've always been a very sex positive person and there's many things that I want to try in my personal life thanks to the exposure I have to kinks and fetishes thanks to porn. My curiosities make me want to do porn so I can try my fantasies with trusted and tested professionals who know what they're doing. I also just love the idea of getting a huge audience off.
Answer: I like traveling and spending time outdoors. I like to take photos of flowers, plants, bugs, and other animals too. I want to move off the grid or make a self-sustained movable home. I could never live a conventional life because I am like a bird and cannot stay still for too long, I have to fly away some times. I get told I'm intelligent but really I just think I'm open to hear new perspectives and have strong values.
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Views 89,922
Episode: 62:11 mins
BTS: 11:46 mins, 94 pics
731 Pretending It's You
Pretending It's You
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