Lena Paul

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Age: 23
Height: 5'4"
Birthday: 10/12
Birthplace: Georgia
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Marital Status: Married
Measurements: 35DDD-25-36
Stats info was collected on 2016-11-04

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Answer: It depends on the chemistry I have with whomever I'm with. I can cum very easily having my man on top of me in missionary because of the access to my g-spot and I like that if the person I'm with is in to dirty talk so I can whisper things in his ear. Otherwise, I'd rather be flipped over and pounded in doggy style with lots of hair-pulling, smacking and aggression.

Sexually I'm experimental, I've dabbled in all kinds of kinks and fetishes, but at the end of the day, good communication and a natural lust makes everything the hottest.
Answer: I was almost twenty! It was Christmas break in college, at home with my first serious boyfriend. I was very conservative and shy, feeling like I wanted to wait until marriage but the moment was so intense and right that as we were fooling around I couldn't help but slide him inside of me.
Answer: Before the porn industry? Gosh, I have to think about it! I started very late, but once my first serious boyfriend and I broke up, I went a little crazy. I think I fucked maybe a dozen guys and a handful of girls before I got into the industry. Now I think it's somewhere around 25. :)
Answer: I was 14 when I had my first orgasm, watching lesbian porn. I still remember that shitty gonzo porno so vividly! I masturbate almost daily for camming and for me, it's a performance art. I'm turned on by watching myself on the camera, in all honesty! But in my private life, if I'm masturbating, I'm usually thinking about some pretty girl sitting on my face while she plays with my pussy or about dirty MMF threesomes where I"m just getting choked and pounded in both my holes.
Answer: I've done both lol, but nowadays between being married and having a lot of fun sex on camera, I don't have time for those things! Although sometimes if I'm filming a girl for me, I might share her with my husband if she's into him! With my husband, when we see each other, even balancing my step-daughter and work schedules we still try to have sex at least every other night.
Answer: I. LOVE. CUM. I know that sounds like what all porn girl say but truly, I love getting cream pied. It's intimate, it's trusting, and feeling his hot load dripping out of my throbbing soaked pussy is its own fetish to me. I love feeling like his cum belongs to me.
Answer: Maybe every few weeks in my personal life, it's easy for some girls but for me (because i'm naturally tight in both pussy and ass) it takes me a little bit of time to prepare and loosen my ass with plugs. That sounds annoying but for me it's actually a fun challenge. I feel so victorious every time I get an anal cream pie!
Answer: I'm married to a very awesome guy who has actually been in a few of my movies! He's very supportive, but professional porn isn't his fave masturbatory material -- he prefers homemade things. We have definitely watched them together though, but it's more silly than sexy
Answer: I started camming last year as a way to fund my startup business at night while I worked my business during the day. When my business failed, I realized that it was a fun way to make a living and kept at it. My parents know and are supportive!
Answer: I used to work as a catering chef and LOVE to cook anything and everything -- Thai, French, Italian, Mexican, etc. Finding new ways to fuse different styles together is a fave hobby of mine. Beyond that I'm a gamer girl, I play League of Legends all the time, Bioshock, Metal Gear Solid, etc. I prefer PC but also have an xbox. I love jazz, alternative, and fun indie stuff! My husband and I are both hobbyist musicians (piano, bass, guitar) so we constantly try to one-up each other by finding new obscure bands to show off.
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710 The Matchmaker Part 2
The Matchmaker Part 2
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date_range Oct 3, 2017
Views 223,053
Episode: 38:55 mins, 147 pics
BTS: 09:12 mins, 140 pics
date_range Oct 29, 2016
Views 381,858
Starring: Ryan Madison, Lena Paul
Episode: 63:29 mins, 356 pics
BTS: 04:45 mins, 18 pics
date_range Oct 21, 2016
Views 355,866
Starring: Ryan Madison, Lena Paul
Episode: 59:17 mins, 128 pics
BTS: 16:16 mins, 83 pics

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