Alanah Rae

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Age: 24
Height: 5'7"
Birthday: 2/9
Birthplace: Freehold, NJ
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Kids: 1
Marital Status: Single
Measurements: 34DD-28-32
Stats info was collected on 2017-08-25

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Answer: 4/6/12- I have been out doing the the things that most people only dream of doing and fucking the shit out of anyone that stands in my way
Answer: 4/6/12- One night stands are the ideal!!!! but swinging could be cool if you can ever find someone who is ever actually on the same swing set as you and outside of porn I have sex as much as humanly possible!..... Until the person gets boring lol
Answer: 4/6/12- I love it when guys cum inside of me! I dont ever actually feel the cum itself being pumped into me though.... Its more of the feeling of being good enough to distract him from thinking about if its smart or not to cum inside me
Answer: 4/6/12- I like anal as long as im not thinking about having to like Anal. If someone keeps talking about doing it to me before they do then its not exciting for me
Answer: 7/22/10 - Confidence
4/6/12- Confidence, assertive men that know what that want and dont want for someone else to give it to them
Answer: 7/22/10 - Bad breath and cockyness!
4/6/12 - Lazy, submissive type men that expect me to start and finish everything we do
Answer: 7/22/10 - Doggie & Cowgirl
4/6/12 - Cowgirl
Answer: 7/22/10- 5 girls and i think guys would be somewhere around 50
4/6/12- who really knows...... But I know for sure its not enough!
Answer: 7/22/10- I would be happy to just find someone NORMAL to be on a date with in the first place lol
Answer: 7/22/10- I was 13 in the back of my friends Jeep in a BJ's parking lot.
Answer: 7/22/10- Yeah my whole family knows and they don't really care as long as I don't give them too many details
Answer: 7/22/10 - My neck!
4/6/12- if you touch me right everything becomes sensitive
Answer: 7/22/10- i want to go back to school to do make up
Answer: 7/22/10- Not that I know of at the moment
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