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It all started in the spring of 1999

We are Mr. and Mrs. Madison, commonly known as Kelly and Ryan. We met in 1999 after I started working for a new company. I was busy taking care of my mother who was very ill and holding down a 60 hour a week job when I changed companies and took a position as VP of Sales at a computer graphics firm. I was 33 and in a long-term relationship when I noticed Ryan. He was on my staff as a graphic artist. He was fresh out of college. Here was this young cute surfer with no cares in the world living on his own for the first time. I knew it was wrong to have feelings for this young man but I just couldn't resist. He would flirt with me at work and even though he was only 22 and I was 33 we just connected. Our flirting turned into a passionate relationship that we kept a secret from everyone at the office. We kept it quiet for a few months but then we started getting caught having sex late at night in the back room. I was the boss so that didn’t go over well with the owner of the business. Ryan and I decided to start our own business in the porn industry so we could have sex all day if we wanted. Now that's a good solid business plan, right? Actually I was never going to be the talent in our business. I was going to be the manager of the company. We rented an old warehouse built in the 1930's. It had potholes and rats and walls full of mold. We (actually Ryan did 99% of the work but I like to take credit for it as well) tore down walls, put in flooring, built new walls and painted and decorated. We had a 1500 square foot studio to shoot our videos in. All we needed were the girls. We put in ads and the results were scary. The girls were so undependable and really not that attractive. Ryan turned to me and suggested I be the model. I was reluctant at first but then soon jumped on the idea and that is how began. We were using me as a sort of test model in the beginning to see if we could make our business work.

Surprising to us the website was a success and I began to love what I was doing for the first time in my life. We wanted to branch out and start doing scenes with other girls. I loved having sex with women so to share my husband in that joy was an easy choice for me. I knew how much he loved me so I was never threatened and I could always call the shots. He gave me a lot of room to make decisions that were right for me and to set all my own boundaries. I was shooting content for other companies and meeting all these wonderful girls so the next step was to begin shooting our escapades. We got married and began. We took an oath to love, honor, cherish and fuck hot girls together for as long as we both shall live.

So yes, it is real. We are married, we love having 3-somes and we share everything together and most importantly, we love each other. We couldn’t do this website together if we didn’t.

The Life of Mrs. Kelly Madison

I was born in 1967 in Newport Beach, California. I am a Southern California girl that grew up on the beach. My father was an actor and a stunt man and my mother was an accountant. It's sort of funny because I appear in my own websites and I also handle all the finances for the company. I guess it's in the genes.

I have two older sisters and they spoiled me rotten and still do to this day. I love being the baby of the family and I go to Vegas often to visit them where they both now live.

Early in life I discovered that I enjoyed performing in front of an audience. I would dress my father and myself up and put on shows for the family. He let me put him in all sorts of goofy costumes and makeup and not once complained. I loved to be in front of the camera when I was a kid and my parents were always taking photos of me when I was younger. I was very loved and cared for and I am extremely thankful for my upbringing.

I get asked a lot why I got in to this sort of business. I suppose I was always a very sexually inquisitive child. When I stayed at my older sister’s home I loved to sneak into her bedroom and look at her husband's Hustler magazines. I imagined myself one day being one of those women with the ability to turn people on. I started early in life playing doctor with my cousin Janine Lindemulder. My cousin is a very famous adult starlet so I guess we have each other to thank. I soon became very interested in boys and when I was in high school I dated the same guy for 3 years before going out to explore the world of men. And believe me, I did my share of exploring. I dated every kind of nationality out there and discovered I love all sorts of men, all shapes and sizes and colors.

I did well in school and was contemplating a career in Medicine when my father grew ill with Alzheimer's. I stayed home from college to help take care of him. That was hard on me and I suffered from Anorexia from the age of 19 to 22. I went from being a scrawny no breasted twig in high school to a voluptuous DD woman in only 2 years. I thought if I stopped eating my breasts would go away, well they didn't. I got down to about 110 lbs and I still had big titties. I sought out medical help and recovered from my disease. I learned it wasn't so much about weight or breasts but it was about control and even more so the feelings of not having any control over my life. I have now had almost 20 years of recovery and now I love my breasts even though they continue to grow to this day.

My father passed when I was only 21 and I began a career in sales since I didn't need a degree and I could make a lot of money and I love working with people. I worked hard and wanted to have my own business. I had made a few attempts but had never reached the success that I was looking for. My mother then became ill and I became her caretaker. It was a long road of open-heart surgery, respiratory problems, and then finally, kidney failure. I never stopped looking for ways to make her better but her body was falling apart faster then I could put it back together. I worked a full time job and did jobs on the side with various vendors to make ends meet.

My mother passed in August of 2001 and I still dearly miss her. She was my best friend and my biggest supporter of me being in the adult industry. She was so happy that I had found my soon to be husband and found a career that I enjoyed and where I could call all the shots.

I am now a happily married woman with 3 dogs, 2 parakeets and one amazing company. I love my employees and I adore my fans. I am very blessed and with each year that I get older I seem to get wiser and also more appreciative of the blessings I have been given.

  • Favorite male artist: Andy Warhol and Michelangelo
  • Favorite female artist: Georgia O'Keefe
  • Favorite male musical artist: Ben Harper
  • Favorite female musical artist: Amy Winehouse
  • Favorite band: The Cure
  • Favorite Movie: Star Wars Return of the Jedi
  • Favorite TV show: Anderson Cooper 360
  • Favorite book: Anna Karenina
  • Favorite tv channel: Animal Planet

The Life of Ryan Madison (Luckiest man alive)

I know you really don’t care about my story but we had to fill up this page with something, so here it goes. The first thing I remember as a child was my Mom saying to me, “Son” she said, “have I got a story for you, what you thought was your daddy, was nothin' but a....”. Wait! I’m getting my life mixed up with a Pearl Jam song. Let me start over. It actually was quite the contrary; my childhood was very surreal looking back. I had an extraordinary family life growing up with my parents continually catering to my needs and providing a loving and very stable home life. I truly believe if it weren’t for my parents’ patience and love I would be in jail or probably dead today.... Or maybe wind up in porn or something like that. :)

I was one of those kids that had to take Ritalin growing up, you know those annoying kids that wouldn't sit down at a restaurant or at the movies or in school or, well you get it. I was one of those. Lets just say my passion for not sitting down helped me in sports. I played most every sport but my favorite was Baseball. I started playing as soon as I could stand and continued throughout high school. I’m a lefty so I pitched and played center field until I threw my arm out when I was going into my senior year. Talk about a let down. It was one of those lifetime dreams that shattered in a matter of a few weeks. So I did what any middle class American teen would do, I started drinking and doing drugs. Those were the good old days. Nothing too obsessive, just partying on the weekends and the occasional "ditching-school-cocktails" here and there but I still needed to kill some time so I tried out for my school’s golf team. I fucked around with my friends on some of our local par 3 courses and my Dad would take me out golfing with him a few times a year but other than that I didn't have that much golf experience. To make a long story short, I made the golf team and with a ton of practice I got pretty good. I went on to play for my college and I even received my junior PGA card. I was 17 years old with no job and back then if you showed this card to most golf courses they would let you play for free or charge you like only 5 bucks to play. I even got to play once against Tiger Woods. He wasn't in my group but I played in the same tournament as he did. My golf dreams came to a halting stop once I turned 19. 19 years old is the cut off age for the Junior PGA and unfortunately I wasn't good enough to advance to the next level. That meant no more free golf and I didn't have a job. I was still playing for my college but for some stupid reason we had to be at the golf course every weekday at 5 am and partying and hanging out with my friends eventually got in the way of that. So there goes my sports life. I finished up my schooling (degree in computer graphics) and went out and got a job so I could move out of my parents’ house. Finally at the ripe old age of 21 I decided to spread my wings and I ended up a half mile away from the California coastline. Life was good; I had a little bit of money and a lot of freedom.

I was at my new job and was out on my own for only one month when the company I worked for announced that they were going to hire a new vice president. Who really cares when you're in your early twenties, as long as they didn't harass me too much or get in the way of my surfing I didn't care who they hired until her huge natural titties walked or I should say bounced in. My boss ended up being a hot chick with big titties named Kelly Madison!

As the workdays pressed on we got more acquainted, our boss employee dialect turned into joking and flirting. One day I was driving home on the freeway and noticed she was right behind me. I moved over into the next lane so I could give her a hard time for following me and she smiled and laughed. We sped up, slowed down, flirted with each other until my exit approached where I got off and was thinking, “I can't wait to see her tomorrow”. Then I looked in my rear view mirror and she was getting off the freeway too. I made a left, she made a left. I made a right, she made a right, I made a left then another right and she was still right behind me! I turned right and pulled into my driveway and she put her brakes on but turned left into her driveway. Are you kidding me? We lived right next to each other? Work was about 25 miles away and we live 200 yards from each other! Our employee employer relationship dwindled from that point onward. We would go to the local bars after work, go to clubs and It didn't take long before we got really drunk and, let’s just say, got better acquainted. Work started getting more enjoyable and a lot easier for me. She would take me along on her sales calls and there would be no selling going on. Maybe we should have called them, “Carl's Jr. parking lot, keep your head down” calls. One day after one of our Carl's runs we were talking and came to find out we had a mutual friend in the adult industry. We were talking about how much money he was making and how crappy and amateur his product was. That’s when our porn career was born!

I think Kelly picks up from here in her "Kelly and Ryan's bio". Thanks for hanging in there with me, hopefully it wasn't too painful. We have been in the adult industry for over 10 years now and here's to another 10. Cheers!

One other thing that's completely off topic, when I was growing up, one of my friends had a 1989 December Playboy. That's the one with Petra Verkaik as the playmate of the month. Holly shit! I remember being hypnotized by her body, mainly her huge, perfect, perky, natural breasts. I ripped some of the pages out of my friend’s Playboy without him knowing one day and brought them home. I kept those ripped out mag photos for a long time in my closet, all the while fantasizing about one day marrying a woman with a body like that. I think about that sometimes and I can't believe (yes, I'm going to say it) my dreams came true. I'm one lucky motha fucker. :)

  • Favorite type of music: Reggae, 70's Rock, Punk/Alternative
  • Favorite musical artist: Bob Marley
  • Favorite TV shows: Anything on the Discovery, History or Nat Geo channels, NFL Football (is that considered a show?) and you can't forget Seinfeld.
  • Favorite Food: Pizza, Pizza, Pizza and Beer!
  • Favorite Porn Star: Kelly Madison ; )
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